Introducing AGL Credit and its Stable Return Strategy

AGL Credit Management LP (“AGL”), an SEC registered investment adviser, is founded by Peter Gleysteen and Thomas H. Lee, to fill a product gap in fixed income markets.

Through its innovative Stable Return Strategy, AGL aims to deliver reliable high single digit returns in a safe, programmatic and scalable manner, with a significant element of current return. The Stable Return Strategy is powered by the cash flows of loan portfolios selected and actively managed by AGL. The assets are exclusively floating rate senior secured bank loans while the liabilities are long term, floating rate, and have no market value based trigger/call. The Stable Return Strategy delivers an absolute return in contrast to total return strategies targeting price appreciation.

Peter Gleysteen

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer

Gleysteen brings more than 40 years of bank loan experience. Before AGL he had two prior employers, JPMorgan Chase and CIFC, a loan asset manager he founded.... Read More

Thomas H. Lee

Non-Executive Chairman

Thomas H. Lee is Chairman at Lee Equity Partners. Prior to forming Lee Equity, Mr. Lee served as Chairman and CEO of Thomas H. Lee Partners, L.P.... Read More

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Read our press release announcing the launch of AGL’s Stable Return Strategy.

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